Hebi is a bicycle rental system. The rental system has 4 main components. The „key”, the „control panel”, the „dock” and the „bicycle”.


The „key”

A „key” need to start the renting that can be the Hebi card for permanent users or a PIN code for occasional users. You can read detailed description and instruction about both rental opportunities at the „ How can I rent ?” menu point.


Control panel

The control computer, the cardreader system, the screen and the control keyboard can be found in the control panel for the user. The control computer is connected directly with the dispatcher centre that signs the starting time and the end of the bicycle renting, the serial number of the rented bicycle and all kinds of datas of the user. The card reader settled in the control panel reads the Hebi card owned by the user. All the station places of the city, the station numbers and the Hebi cardselling places are listed on the control panel.

You can make the following procedures by the keyboard settled on the control panel:



You can rent by PIN code which can be required with bankcard through internet. You can read the rental procedure detailed at the „How can I rent?” menu point.


You can ask about the exact address of the station for our chosen destionation, the quantity of the docks, their saturation, you can see the number of the occurent failed docks.


You can ask about your balance, the exact date of its validity and you can read the serial number of the bicycle used by you.


You can send alerting to the dispatcher centre about the failed docks or damaged bicycles.


The dock

The dock is responsible for the fixation of the bicycle. The card reader is settled in the headunit of the dock that reads the Hebi cards owned by the permanent users. The permanent users can put in practice the bicycle here by touching the card on. After the Hebi card touching on the dock gives light and sound sign to the user. During this time (20 seconds) the bicycle can get in usage. In case the bicycle is not given out from the docks during the 20 seconds time period, the system reclose the lock and dock the bike. The dock can receive/take back the bicycle in case the system does not work because of an occasional power failure or the depleted/failured of the battery settled in the station. During the power failure the fee of the bicycle renting will not increase. After the system is reconstructed the returned bicycles fee will be counted on the way that the rental time for the power failure will not be charged.


The bicycle

Unique constructed bicycles belong to the rental station. They evidence about reliability, safety, unique appliance and vandalproofness. Every elements can be taken to pieces only by unique special tools. The frame is robostious to perform the huge strain sufficiantly. The carrier assembled at the front part fo the bicycle gives opportunity to place smaller size parcels, bags. The hight of the saddle can be adjusted suitable for personal pretences. The tires of the bicycles are set up with reflective bands besides the reflectors to provide the safety transport at night and beside of it permantly switched on lights supply the irradiation. The rear light burns for minimum 2 minutes after stopping and in this way we can be visible well for the traffic in case of standing at a redlamp. The bicycle has front rollerbreak and it has 7 speed coaster breakhub system at rear. The bicycles are set up with GPS sign transmitter so their way can be followed up continiously. Bicycles cannot be taken to the outerpart of the city or to Slovakia. In case it happens the GPS signtransmitter sends alerting to the dispatcher centre automatically.


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